The theme of 2021’s World Refrigeration Day (WRD) is the celebration of the people and technologies responsible for creating and maintaining the world we live in – a world dependent upon temperature-controlled environments. Given the challenges faced in 2021 from the coronavirus pandemic, increased customer demand and compliance with stringent environmental regulations, WRD 2021 is the antidote to showcase and celebrate the hard work of people in the HVAC-R industry. WRD 2021 aims to inspire students and young professionals in all countries to help meet the challenges faced in their communities.

Innovation and fresh thinking within the HVAC-R industry is essential to surmount these challenges. The nurturing of young talent and sustainable innovation will ensure the HVAC-R industry enables both the reduction of carbon emissions and concurrent society growth. RETRADEABLES was created by the Life3R project, with Daikin as lead sponsor, and is funded by the LIFE Programme of the European Union. All partners in the Life 3R project are instrumental in driving innovation and sustainability in the HVAC-R industry, each playing an important role in finding and nurturing the industry’s future talent.

Nikolaos Barmparitsas, RETRADEABLES Project Lead, commented, “WRD 2021 is topical for us, as our RETRADEABLES consortium is an example of the HVAC-R sector collaborating with leading universities to develop a viable solution to an industry issue. Our solution, RETRADEABLES, increases used refrigerant recovery, recycling and reclamation.” He continued, “The refrigeration industry must work together to solve the climate challenges we face. New talent is essential to drive sustainable growth, bringing us fresh ideas to solve our industrial challenges. Celebrate your own ‘Cooling Champions’ today, and nurture the cool careers for a better world in the future.”

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