The Life3R network for used F-gases is expanding. We are delighted to announce Life3R’s launch in the Czech Republic, the platform’s second market. Life3R creates the first circular economy for used F-gases, where used F-gases are viewed as reusable resources. Life3R establishes a transparent and competitive trading platform for the buying and selling of used F-gases, and is now available in Slovakia and the Czech Republic.

Life3R’s entry into the Czech Republic showcases the industry’s commitment to find sustainable solutions to halt climate change. Life3R promotes the safe recovery and re-use of F-gases, as the recycling and reclamation of F-gases supports the reduction of the industry’s carbon emissions.

Funded and supported by the LIFE Programme of the European Union under grant agreement LIFE19 CCM/AT 001226 – LIFE 3R, industry support for Life3R continues to grow. Life3R plans to expand to other European countries throughout 2021, demonstrating the importance of successful used F-gas governance to enable the industry to meet Europe’s ‘Green Deal’ objectives. As Life3R’s second market, the Czech Republic joins Slovakia in pioneering the use of innovative used F-gas management tools.

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