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Innovating the HVACR industry by creating a used F gas circular economy.


Project Background

F-gases are a family of man-made gases used in a range of industrial applications. As consumer demand for refrigeration and air-conditioning products increased, our industry emissions have also dramatically increased. New EU regulations force us to prioritize environmental obligations, whilst continuing to serve the increased consumer demand and operate with a decreased amount of F-gas.

Here at Retradeables, we welcome such industry changes and believe we have created a viable circular economy for used F-gas. Reclamation and re-use of existing F-gas supplies is an essential first step for our industry to reduce carbon emissions and reach our climate goals. Our trading platform pushes reclamation to the forefront of our industry.


Industry Solution

Retradeables solves an industry-wide problem to comply with strict EU climate initiatives whilst serving the increased consumer demand for our products and services. Furthermore, Retradeables enables us to quantify exactly how much F-gas is in existence and what quality it is. We collect industry data and force reclaimers to enrich this data with a labeling validation detailing the correct handling (quality and quantity) of this gas. Indeed it will be possible to track-and-trace exactly where F-gas canisters containing used F-gas are in the life cycle chain.

Joining our platform is easy to do and removes the headache of what to do with your used F-gas!


Performance Maintained

Correctly reclaimed F-gas provides the same performance levels as pristine, new F-gas. Contaminants are carefully removed and the gas is brought back to its original quality, for use once again in the same way. Used F-gas is in fact an industry asset, reducing gas removal and waste costs, reducing the need for new resources, and prolonging equipment life, while CAPEX and infrastructure decisions are made for the future use of lower GWP alternatives.


Illegal Refrigerants

The use of illegal refrigerants continues to tarnish our industry. However, Retradeables enables reclaimers to re-introduce reclaimed F-gas on to the market, with F-gas compliant labeling and monitoring. This will help eradicate illegal refrigerants in our marketplace, and support the EFCTC’s (The European FluoroCarbons Technical Committee) effort to combat this problem.

Join us to make reclamation of your used F-gas a reality!

Leading the way in reducing the industry’s environmental impact. By enabling you to incorporate a sustainable solution at the heart of your business, using your existing F-gas supply.

European Union Funding:
This project has received funding from the LIFE Programme of the European Union under grant agreement LIFE19 CCM/AT 001226 – Retradeables. The EU provides funding for a broad range of projects and programmes covering areas such as, regional & urban development, employment & social inclusion, agriculture & rural development, as well as education, health, consumer protection, environmental protection and humanitarian aid. 

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