Hrvoje Krapanic, Senior Manager Environment Research Centre CEE, Daikin, presented Retradeables, Europe’s first used F-gas trading platform, to the 14th Montreal Protocol Event organised by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP). The April meeting was part of the UNEP OzonAction’s activities to discuss the recovery, recycling, reclaim and disposal of refrigerants across the Regional Montreal Protocol Network for Europe & Central Asia (ECA).

The 70 attendees included Article 5 & associated CEIT countries, EU experts and UNEP staff. Industry experts presented operational recovery, recycling and reclaim schemes, and the disposal/destruction of ODS/HFCs. Hrvoje Krapanic introduced participants to Retradeables, sponsored by Daikin and supported by the EU’s LIFE Programme. Retradeables is a virtual market platform where recycled or reclaimed refrigerants can be traded. Hrvoje explained, “Retradeables creates a circular economy for used refrigerants, as the lifetime for refrigerants is much longer than the product lifetime.”

As Retradeables trials in three countries, Slovakia, the Czech Republic and Hungary, Hrvoje explained, “Retradeables is the only online platform where the industry can connect to recover, recycle and reclaim their own F-gas supplies or to trade recovered F-gas. The Retradeables marketplace works like a stock market.” With plans to expand across Europe, Hrvoje called for, “essential cross-sector cooperation at a European level to close the loop.” He emphasised that Retradeables was established to provide industry players with a beneficial solution to achieve EU carbon neutrality by 2050. Hrvoje invited participants to discuss how Retradeables could be implemented European-wide, and ultimately on a global scale.

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