The theme of 2021’s international Earth Day is ‘Restore Our Earth’, focusing on optimism. The annual day aims to tackle climate change and pollution. For 2021, the emphasis is on the restoration of the world’s ecosystems through emerging green technologies and innovative thinking. As a first step for the HVAC-R industry, Life3R utilises technology to solve the problem of used refrigerants. Retradeables advocates the benefits of refrigerant restoration, and essential industry collaboration to restore functionality to used products.

Due to the F-Gas Regulation Phase Down, the HVAC-R industry is balancing the challenges of increased customer demand coupled with a decreased supply of refrigerants. Retradeables offers a sustainable solution to the enduring problem of used refrigerants, establishing a transparent and competitive marketplace for the trading of used F-gases. In line with Earth Day 2021, Retradeables promotes the value of existing refrigerants in the market, encouraging the industry to recover, restore and reuse their refrigerants. Life3R endorses the correct recovery of used refrigerants, ending the illegal disposal or release of used F-gases into the atmosphere.

Nikolaos Barmparitsas, Retradeables Project Lead, commented, “This year’s Earth Day is topical for us, as the restoration of existing F-gas supplies is essential for our industry to reduce carbon emissions. Retradeables connects industry stakeholders to maximise our efforts to recover, to recycle, to reclaim and to reuse refrigerants, creating a circular economy of refrigerants.” He continued, “Environmental priorities must be at the heart of our industry to fight climate change. With sufficient industry collaboration, we can help play our part to Restore Our Earth.”

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