We are delighted to announce that Nikolaos Barmparitsas, Retradeables Project Lead, will present Retradeables at ISH Digital 2021. You can log-in to listen to Nikolaos on Thursday, 25 March at 14:00pm.

The Green Deal is one of ISH Digital 2021’s three key themes. Nikolaos will discuss the innovative approach being taken by key industry players to increase the life standards of EU citizens and the industry’s competitiveness. He will introduce Retradeables, Europe’s first used F-gas online trading platform. Retradeables recognises used F-gas as a beneficial reusable resource for recycling or reclamation, creating Europe’s first circular economy for used F-gases.

Industry experts believe a circular economy for used refrigerants is essential to meet the challenges of increased customer demand, a reduced refrigerants supply, and the drive to reduce carbon emissions. Join Nikolaos’s talk, ‘Transform with Daikin – Refrigerants and the Circular Economy’ to learn more about two sustainable solutions shaking up the refrigerants industry. You can find out more about the event and book a ticket here.

We look forward to meeting you there!