Nikolaos Barmparitsas introduced Retradeables, Europe’s first used F-gas trading platform, to the industry at ISH Digital 2021. Retradeables is Europe’s first circular economy for used F-gases. Speaking about ‘The Green Deal’, one of ISH Digital 2021’s key themes, Nikolaos implored more than 200 participants to ‘embrace the future’, and join the industry’s innovative, sustainability journey.

In his ISH Digital presentation, Nikolaos discussed the sustainable approach being taken by key industry players to increase the life standards of EU citizens by fighting climate change. Industry experts believe a circular economy for used refrigerants is essential to meet the challenges of increased customer demand, a reduced refrigerants supply, and the drive to reduce carbon emissions. Nikolaos discussed Daikin’s innovative approaches with their ‘Close the Loop’ programme and their sponsorship of the EU funded ‘Retradeables’ project.

Nikolaos called on the HVACR industry to embrace a circular economy for refrigerants already existing in the marketplace. Nikolaos explained, “Retradeables connects different industry stakeholders to maximise our efforts to recovery, to recycle, to reclaim and to reuse refrigerants.” He underlined how used F-gas can be a beneficial resource for recycling or reclamation, and urged the industry to join Retradeables. “The future is now. The future is happening. Join our sustainability journey!”

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