The first reclaimed F-gas online
trading platform –
fighting climate change
by reducing industry emissions,
increasing F-gas compliance
and safety.

Let us help you recover,
reclaim and re-use your F-gas.

Introducing a Brand New

Reclaiming Marketplace

Used F-gas taking up storage space?
Used F-gas becoming a costly headache?

Make your used F-gas an asset!

Being part of Retradeables removes your used F-gas financial and environmental burdens. In an online exchange you sell your collected gas to ‘reclaiming’ distributors, who will reclaim the gas and return the gas to the market.

Recover, Reclaim & Re-use

We are deeply committed to reducing our industry’s environmental impact, whilst meeting increased customer demand for our products.

Refrigerant can be re-used through a simple recovery process and sold as an asset for reclamation. Once re-claimed to its pristine state, the refrigerant can be sold again and re-used.

Our circular economy brings sustainability and accountability to our industry, reducing environmental pollution and offering effective used gas management.

Industry Innovation

First online platform to provide a solution for used F-gases; creating a simple, viable market where used F-gas can be bought, reclaimed and sold for further use

New Circular Approach

Putting F-gas compliance at the heart of our industry, where you meet your environmental targets, reduce costs and support customers reducing their carbon footprint 

Making Connections

We create a network where it is simple for you to connect with parties to sell your used F-gas and buy F-gas compliant reclaimed refrigerants in return

How Retradeables Works


You gain access to a live online exchange for the collection, reclamation and trade of used F-gas. Supply and demand is monitored and guaranteed by data for full transparency 


Once part of Retradeables, you simply log-in, and search for sellers of reclaimed F-gas or for buyers of your used F-gas. You will see the F-gas type, quality, quantity & price. You connect with the relevant partner and submit your offer



As Retradeables users, you and your selected partner establish a simple and typical contractual obligation. The partner accepts your offer and that’s it!



Once your agreement for a particular trade is in place, you can arrange for all used F-gas handling (collection, removal, sale & reclamation) with your contractual partner. 




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