VIENNA, 20, May 2001 – RETRADEABLES is Europe’s first used F-gas marketplace to support the circular use of refrigerants extracted from HVAC-R equipment. Built from the EU funded project Life3R, RETRADEABLES provides a viable circular economy for used F-gases, offering a sustainable alternative source for refrigerant supplies. It is the only European online platform that demonstrates the circular economy of used refrigerants driven by a market mechanism.

Supporting a sustainable HVAC-R circular economy

RETRADEABLES is the first realized circular economy of used refrigerants for the entire air-conditioning and refrigeration market in Europe. In accordance with EU policies, the Green Deal, a Circular Economy, and the Waste framework or F-Gas Regulation, RETRADEABLES promotes the economically feasible recovery of market-distributed used gas stocks, enabling the recycling, reclamation and reuse of wasted used F-gases. As F-gas supply is phased down, and capacity of high-performance F-gas constrained, circular use has a vital role to play in the reduction of the lifecycle’s carbon footprint through HVAC-R use.

Co-creation to drive reclamation

RETRADEABLES was created from the project Life3R, funded by the LIFE Programme of the European Union. The consortium behind Life3R consists of expert partners from different EU member states – including Daikin Airconditioning Central Europe HandelsgmbH, the National Technical University of Athens (NTUA) and mat4nrg GmbH (The Society for Materials and Energy Applications). Powered by live transaction data, RETRADEABLES gives decision-makers a critical edge by connecting them to a dynamic and traceable network of recycling and reclaiming data and suitable contacts. Used F-gases are traded on the trusted platform and once recycled or reclaimed to industry standards, the reclaimed gas re-enters the market. This circular economy captures existing used F-gases in the market and ensures gas supplies are reused.

Wim de Schacht, Vice President, Daikin Europe, “2021 brings challenges to our society, as we strive to meet increased customer demand whilst complying with stringent environmental regulations. Consequently, the reuse of existing gas stocks becomes an imperative next step for us all. RETRADEABLES provides a sustainable market-wide solution for the reuse of existing gas in the marketplace, enabling the reduction of carbon emissions and concurrent growth of society. RETRADEABLES is an example of the sector collaborating to increase used refrigerant recovery, recycling and reclamation, in other words creating the circular use of refrigerants across Europe, supporting the European Commission’s goal of Carbon Neutrality by 2050.”

Professor Karellas, project partner & Professor of the National Technical University of Athens, “We are delighted to be part of RETRADEABLES, as we believe the online trading portal has a valuable role to play in the growth of the circular use of F-gases across Europe. Our combined expertise enabled us to create RETRADEABLES, a valuable tool to support the sector’s transition to a climate-neutral economy. By adding value to used refrigerants, RETRADEABLES encourage us to manage our used F-gases efficiently, treating such gases as an asset instead of a burden. RETRADEABLES is a user-friendly solution to make the circular use of refrigerants a reality for all participants, developing the reuse of existing gas stocks, to reduce carbon emissions.”

Europe’s First Used F-Gas Trading Platform Launched
Europe’s First Used F-Gas Trading Platform Launched


RETRADEABLES is the first used F-gas online marketplace. It was established to meet the challenge of the refrigeration and air-conditioning market to support the global demand toward being carbon neutral with the circular economy. The platform offers a responsible alternative and a viable source of F-gases.

RETRADEABLES is the online platform that connects the relevant parties who can recover, recycle and reclaim used F-gases, while enabling them to trade their own used or reclaimed F-gases. The online marketplace provides a sustainable solution for society to extend their existing stock with used F-gases reclaimed to their original industry standard, to compensate the constrained virgin gas supply.

RETRADEABLES was created from the project Life3R that has received funding from the LIFE Programme of the European Union under grant agreement LIFE19 CCM/AT 001226 – LIFE3R. The EU provides funding for a broad range of projects and programmes covering areas such as regional & urban development, employment & social inclusion, agriculture & rural development, as well as education, health, consumer protection, environmental protection and humanitarian aid., Follow us on LinkedIn

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